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Once you have a great optimized homepage than landing pages are critical to being found in neighboring cities. Combining a strong home page with a strong landing page will provide good results. For example: make a new page for your website that optimizes for the nearby city that you would like to rank in. Make sure these landing pages are unique with lots of content that prioritizes the city name itself. It's also a good idea to differentiate between different "city" landing pages.

Making a "city" landing page doesn't mean Google will rank you higher (though they should). Google does not display search results on an even playing field. The businesses based in that city start out with an enormous head start that you will need to circumvent. Now that is an issue for you when you want to rank above those business's in their own city but at the same time, your business will rank ahead of theirs in your home city. So this process takes work, ingenuity and perseverance. 



Call Today! 248-804-9744

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