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In the old days, websites were made from "scratch" and wouldn't require constant updating but they were extremely expensive. $50,000 and up! The new way of creating most website designs is to use a CMS (content management system). These systems are "out of the box" designs that can be customized to look very different in every case so as not to be redundant. Just about every website you see these days will be created on some type of CMS. There's no sense in "building" a new website from scratch (and paying for it) when you can just build a new website upon a common base and customize it from there, saving tons of money in the process!

That being said, because most all websites are built upon a common base, hackers have a head start when it comes to hacking into these systems. So constant updating needs to be done on these websites to install all of the latest patches and security fixes to keep them at bay. That's one of the main reasons to update your website, so if you're not doing that then your website is at serious risk (some of us learn that the hard way, if you know what I mean).
When it comes to upgrading, well we'll address that next week....



Call Today! 248-804-9744

* Disclaimer: $65 per month for the basic website plan. Includes hosting, monthly site maintenance, security updates and backups. Initial custom design fee may apply. 5 page site. More pages can be added for an additional fee if needed.

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